Crest Index Page  

Some photos have been added, and there are more to come.  Please see price list for up

to date list of molds coming to Macky. 

                                            Crest Price List   


Page 1 Large Male Lion,            Female Cat Page 11 Oriental Man Sitting,          Oriental Woman Sitting,          Small Oval Bonsai Pot,          Dolphin Candle holder,   Small Circle Vase
Page 2 Large Giraffe,          Baby Tigers Page 12 Tang Horse,            Fu Dog,            Bamboo Vase,          Bamboo Cup,           Osabata Pot 
Page 3 Large Chickens,       Fighting Cocks Page 13 Samurai,                 Dragon,             Oriental Gods,            Bamboo Dishes   
Page 4 Indian on Horse,         Brave,         Maiden,        Indian Mug,          Bobcat Page 14 Large Oriental Man,         Large Oriental Woman 
Page 5 Strap Handle Vase,           Fruit Spoon & Fork Page 15 Flying Geese Wall Plaques,          Landing Duck
Page 6 Leopard,             Bamboo Base,                  Elephant Lamp   Page 16 Siamese Cats sitting together,             Casserole with Base,            Small Goldfish 13.5"
Page 7 Large Nude Figurines Page 17 Large Moon Vase 
Page 8 Horse,              Indian for Horse,       Fighting Cocks Page 18 Dynasty Vases,              Flamingo Vases,          Butterfly Dishes,            Sunset Vase,             Swan
Page 9 Medium Standing Nude,     Ballerina,               Mermaid on Shell Page 19 Madonna with Child
Page 10 Osabata Pot,            Fu Dog,          Oriental Lamp,       Garden Lamp Page 20 Wolf,   Akita,   or Husky


    Page 43  Large Ring Vase 
Page 22 Large Santa  Page 44 Swan Bath Set,       Shell Plate,       Shell Vase
Page 23 Canadian Geese and Goslings Page 45 Giant Bottle  
Page 24 Plate Taco Dish,               Salad Dish,             Three legged Bowl  Page 46 Chef Canister,      Chef Cheese Shaker,          Fruit Plaques,              Pasta Dishes
Page 25 Barn Tea Set,        House Tea Set,         Spoonrest,         Baking Dish Page 47 Cr 508
Page 26 Greyhound,       Rnd Squash Pot,         23" Bottle,        Rnd Vase Page 48 Large Leaf Vase,       Small Leaf Vase,      Round Vase 18" x 16"
Page 27 Hex Dishes,      Round Dishes,      Turkey Platter Page 49 Giant Urn
Page 28 Dogs,    Crouching Cat Page 50 Dolphins,        Dolphin Planter,         Triple Dolphin,          Large Fountain Bowl
Page 29   Page 51 Large Pigeon     free form
Page 30 Small Sheep Dog,          Hound Puppies,         Zebra Planters,      Ram Page 52 Native Man Bust,      Native Woman Bust
Page 31 Oriental Planters,     Bamboo Canisters,    Vases Page 53 Oriental Man   17" h,       Oriental Woman   17" h
Page 32 Gambler,         Gunfighter,          Rifleman,      Large  Cowboy Plaque,         Deer Page 54 Mermaid on Shell,         Baby Mermaids,           Shell S&P,          Shell Napkin,        Plate
Page 33 Dogs  Page 55 Shell Dishes,       Shell Planters
Page 34 Dogs Page 56 Torso,       Concave Vases,       Paint Pallet
Page 35 German Shepherds,  Page 57 Rottweiler,       Fish Platters,       Lion Cub,         Woman/Baby,        Cherub Fountain,        Garden Wall Planter
Page 36 Dogs Page 58 Goldfish 15.5",        Shell Plate 8",       Bowl for Fountain 18"
Page 37 Victorian Urn with Handles  Page 59   Scenes Plates  7"
Page 38 Dogs,                 Goats Page 60   Sea Captain,         Pirate Pitcher
Page 39 African American Busts and Children  Page 61 Rectangular Bonsai Planter,     Oriental Planter
Page 40 Cylinder Vases,      Classic Vase,        Small Pillow Vase Page 62 Fountain Bowl,    Fountain Pedestal 
Page 41 Rock Lamp & Planters,        Large Pillow Vase,        Large Fish Page 63 Tall Art Deco Bottle   23"H
Page 42 Clam Shells,        Fish Platter,       Shell Compote Page 64 Victorian Bust   20"T


Page 65 Indian Brave,        Indian Woman,           Large Urn,             Hanging Planter Page 85 Mary,             Joseph,             Jesus,                       Three Kings
Page 66 Three Wiseman Candles with Base Page 86 Large Ibis,     Small Ibis    Stylized 
Page 67 Large Fern Planter and Base    
Page 69 Egg Tray      
Page 70 Pueblo Moon Vase     
Page 71 Fetish Dove      
Page 72 Fawn      
Page 73 Small Pumpkins    
Page 74 Flower Arrangement Container    
Page 75 Pasta Bowls,        Cheese Shaker,       Cherub,           Brahman Bulls,           Stilt mold    
Page 76 Cyclone Vase,     Africans,     Jumbo Square Vase,       Leaf Pitcher,  Leaf Bowl,        Lying Giraffes    
Page 77 Heart Vase,          Cherub,          Bonsai,           Tray,          Oval Box,         Dogwood,           Egg    
Page 78 Roman Columns,         Dynasty Vase,             Cyclone Vase    
Page 79 Clowns    
Page 80 Large Indian Man,          Indian Maiden,            Cowboy Boot    
Page 81 Mr. & Mrs.,    Santa Mugs,   and Sugar & Creamer,               Small   Nativity    
Page 82 Large Platter,                 Quail,             Baby Lion,             Plaque,         Ornament,          Rock Base    
Page 83 Baseball Kids,               Football Kids      
Page 84  Large Cow Skull